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The new GWFA1000RN8A Master of G FROGMAN is a full-analog solar timepiece in

collaboration with the Royal Navy, the U.K. Navy. Inspired by Her Majesty’s Ship

Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier, one of the largest ships of its kind, the

GWFA1000RN8A features a light gray case and band resembling the hull of the ship,

which is offset by the Royal Navy red, white and navy blue.


Paying homage to the long and proud history of the oldest of the three British

fighting forces, the metal band ring is engraved with Royal Navy logo, while the back

cover features the engraved iconic frog holding an anchor symbolic of previous

FROGMAN G-SHOCKs. The premium carbon monocoque case, enables weight

reduction and a high-level of waterproofing. The new GWFA1000 also features

Bluetooth® connectivity through the G-SHOCK Connected App, which lets you

access tide data settings for approximately 3,000 locations worldwide and enables

users to review their diving log on their smartphones. With dive log, the user can

mark dive locations, time, date, number of dives, plus include photos. With Tide

Point, the user can select from a preset list of some of the world’s most famous dive

points or set their own.